About TAH



TAH, was created to bridge the gap between luxury craftsmanship and thoughtful functionality. Established in Portland, Oregon in 2015, the idea began to form during founder Angelina Marie’s many walks to work in retail. During her 17-year career as a buyer and store manager for a Seattle based retailer, Marie frequently trekked to work in sneakers while lugging multiple bags containing her dressier work shoes, a laptop, and the multitude of necessities women require. Marie knew there had to be a better way and developed TAH’s first prototype, a bag specifically designed for shoes that seamlessly inserted into her work tote. At that moment, TAH, or ‘tote a heel’ was born. 


During Marie’s time at Nordstrom she gained valuable feedback on the wants and needs of women when shopping for accessories. Paired with her experience traveling, raising kids of her own, feedback from female friends, and years of sales analysis, TAH naturally evolved into a range of beautifully crafted bags serving all aspects of a woman’s life, from work, to travel, to kids.  This attention to detail and expertise in accessories allowed her to create bags that serve the true needs of women, conceptualized from the inside out.

Each bag has been thoughtfully designed to maximize efficiency and organization, with interior pockets ranging from a nylon lined water bottle or umbrella holder, specific detachable pouches for laptops, cell phones, and chargers, as well as the namesake shoe carrier. Multiple bags in the collection such as the Everyday Clutch and The Commuter offer versatility and adaptability, by simply removing or relocating a strap, giving shoppers more bang for their buck.