• The TAH Bag Experience.

    Oct 1st 2018

    The TAH Bag Experience.

    If you’re like me, finding the perfect on-the-go bag has been a struggle! My life can get pretty busy at times and having a bag I could rely on was such a challenge to find. The main two things I was…

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  • Fanny Pack Club

    Oct 24th 2017

    Fanny Pack Club

    As you guys know, I’ve more recently become obsessed with wearing fanny packs. I came across this awesome leather one from TAH, or Tote a Heel. This one is great because it’s so simple and versat…

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  • New York Day One with TAH Bags.

    Sep 14th 2017

    New York Day One with TAH Bags.

    Hi from New York City!I am currently sitting in our beautiful room at the Park Central Hotel taking a break. We have been out and about exploring the city non-stop all day.Since we got here we ha…

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