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Livin’ the TAH life – The ‘Nomad’ Fanny- The Rogue Essentials

Livin’ the TAH life – The ‘Nomad’ Fanny- The Rogue Essentials

Published by Heidi Grey "The Rogue Essentials" on Dec 5th 2018

The founder of TAH bags, Angelina Marie, is simply AH-MAZING.

She gets me.

And she gets all of you too.

Angelina has street cred in regards to retail – she spent 17 years as a store manager and buyer at Nordstrom, during which she felt the pain of being a modern woman on the go who was not willing to leave her Louboutins in the closet. TAH literally stands for ‘tote a heel’ because Angelina found herself dedicating one of her many bags she toted around, specifically to her work shoes. Angelina is ALL of us that battle through the unholy task of being stylish in the midst of everyday chaos, whether that is a demanding work schedule, raising tiny humans or caring for crazy labradoodles (just me?) I feel incredibly lucky to have such a capable woman representing us in the world of contemporary, luxury handbags. Honestly, no one has nailed it yet. If I were a betting woman, I would double down on TAH being the brand that does.

TAH’s vision is to create beautiful bags “that serve the style, quality and functional needs of women on the go”. Raise your hand if you FEEL this! Is your hand raised? Mine is too. When I discovered TAH scrolling through IG almost 9 months ago, I was immediately obsessed and wanted EVERY. SINGLE. BAG. Literally, I wanted The Doctor Bag, The Commuter, THE EVERYDAY CLUTCH– every design was screaming my name not only because they are impeccably designed, but because they are an ode to my lifestyle. I am constantly running from my full-time job, to HH, to photo shoots, to yoga and hopping on an airplane every chance I get for the next adventure. It is tough to find a brand made for my lifestyle that doesn’t sacrifice functionality for fashion or on the flip side, fashion for functionality.

I could go on and on about each bag design and how it seamlessly fits into the story and rhythm of my life, but today, I want to specifically gush over THE NOMAD FANNY. The perfect partner in crime for traveling, nights out and literally any occasion that calls for your hands to be free from clutching your clutch. This specific love affair began when I sailed through the airport to my recent flight down to Mexico. I am typically that girl that has one too many carry-ons, can’t find her passport while going through security (even thought I JUST had it) and is always this close to spilling coffee everywhere because I just don’t have enough hands. This time was different. This time was divine! My passport was easily within reach, I didn’t have to dig for my La Mer lip balm and I received too many compliments to count – all thanks to The ‘Nomad’ fanny.

The love affair continued in Mexico, from Playa del Carmen, to Akumal Bay, to Tulum and finally a surprise night in Cancun due to an unfortunate mechanical issue resulting in a canceled flight (I was not complaining). My hands were free to feel the sand and surf during walks on the beach, they were free to clap for an encore at an intimate concert and they were free to cheers new friends.

Long story short, this love affair is turning into a lifelong relationship and I am grateful for the opportunity to help spread the word about TAH bags!



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