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Meet the TAHs: The Nomad Fanny

Meet the TAHs: The Nomad Fanny

Published by Emily Gunness on Sep 26th 2018

Attention, I have a serious PSA: the fanny pack is back and better than ever! I’m not talking about the old tie-dyed nylon style your mom wore around Disneyland when you were 10 that was just so embarrassing (even though you secretly appreciated it because she always had a snack hidden in there for you). If you don’t believe me, head over to Instagram and look at one of the more than 200,000 photos tagged with #fannypack (or the 30,000+ more for #fannypacks). I’ll wait…

See. I told you they’re making a comeback in a big way. 90’s styles have been popping up everywhere over the past few years – it started with the 90's grunge look of flannel shirts and combat boots, then came athleisure with old school Adidas shell-toed sneakers and track pants; in recent fashion trends we have also revisited chokers, velvet, overalls, mom jeans, crop tops, even Lisa Frank is back in the limelight. Basically, if I would have just held on to my closet staples from third grade I would be the hottest thing in town these days.

But back to my original point: the fanny pack is back and in a very stylish way. Trend setters everywhere are rocking this old-school style, often carrying it in an unconventional way – as a cross-body bag.

The TAH Nomad Fanny is the perfect mix of the old classic fanny pack style with an updated modern twist. With a waist strap that can be adjusted to fit from 24-40 inches, this fanny can be worn the original way around your waist, or new-era style around your shoulder. No matter which way you rock it, the Nomad Fanny is a fully functional hands-free style perfect for whatever your day brings at you. As Nicole Richie recently mentioned in an interview with Coveteur, “I love a good fanny pack! Everything you need, right here.” I’m pretty sure she was referring directly to the TAH Nomad Fanny…

Much like all TAH bags, the Nomad Fanny is hand-crafted with high quality, soft, supple leather and solid brass hardware. The Nomad Fanny features three zipper pockets – two in front, and one in the back, designed to carry your cell phone, wallet, sunglasses, and a few beauty products. This bag is perfect for any on-the-go activities – a concert, a stroll in the park, travel, or just running errands. The Nomad Fanny puts the fun in functional.

Head to to snag a hands-free Nomad Fanny of your own!

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