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TAH Testimonial: Globetrotting Mom Boss

TAH Testimonial: Globetrotting Mom Boss

Published by Emily Gunness on Aug 1st 2018

One of my favorite aspects of starting my own handbag brand has been engaging with my customers and hearing stories of how they are using their TAH bags in their day-to-day lives. I love hearing about where TAH bags are going and how they are helping busy women stay at the top of their game.

I recently received a love note from a TAH customer named Darla, who is the happy owner of both The Everyday Clutch and The Work Traveler. Darla, who lives in Lake Tahoe, is the mother of two sweet boys and travels an insane amount for work and play; I’m not sure how she juggles it all, but she is a true boss lady. Here’s what Darla had to say about traveling with her TAH bags:

“Gosh, I want to say more, but it almost seems unbelievable how amazing these bags are and how they have contributed to the quality of my travels, presentations, and meetings. I am so thoroughly impressed. Worth every penny!
"Last week, in 4 days, I took 9 flights, held 6 meetings, and stayed overnight in 3 different states. I stumble just typing that… from Columbus to Miami, my needs in each city varied.
"Every moment is precious. Necessity to prepare, arrive on time, and deliver a polished presentation all while ensuring my team is on point with these large clients has to be a smooth and seamless sequence of events. I don’t have time to fumble around for my phone, heels, lap top, cards, water, etc. Every moment counts.
"I am picky with the items I choose to tote with me on these multi-city tours. I decided to take the Traveler and Clutch on my recent trip, and I can say that ‘I will never travel without them again’
"To start, packing for my trip with the Traveler was the quickest I have ever experienced. I didn’t have to guess where to stow each of my necessities or worry that my bag was too full where items can fall out.
"The Traveler has the perfect amount of pockets for my wallet, charging wires, laptop, neck pillow, iPad, secret compartment for passport and extra cash, two phones, and my folio. I never once had the moment of panic worried I have left something behind as I knew in an instant without even looking where every one of these items were held. There is also a small pouch connected to the bag, which was AMAZING for airplane travel. I put my Advil, lip gloss, and eye drops in there and could simply reach down and get what I needed in an instant.
"The zippers are sturdy and move like butter. The leather is supple but holds its form and the top zips closed with ease for its ride through security. The look of quality is inherent and attention to detail is impeccable. With all the leather, brass finishing, and attention to the quality the bag was not heavy… amazing.
"There is a waterproof side pocket for my water bottle. Having fried a computer due to an open water bottle on a business trip last year, this is a priceless feature.
"As for the clutch, I had 3 dinner meetings. For one, it was dressier, so I took off the strap and used it as a clutch. For another dinner, it was more casual with walking, so I used it as a cross body; and for the last dinner I needed to bring my iPad so I used it as a tote with my heels to swap out for my flats upon arrival, after a moderate walk around the city.
"I received compliments on each bag daily. It is a clean and simple elegance that has seriously improved my work life."

Thank you so much for sharing your story of how TAH has improved your travel game, Darla! 

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