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The Story of TAH

The Story of TAH

Published by Angelina Marie on Nov 1st 2018

For many years, I had a career where I dressed up for work every day. During this time, I worked in downtown Portland, Oregon and my commute was often on foot. It was part of my daily routine to carry an extra pair of shoes (sometimes even a few). I had shoes everywhere – my office, my car, in my bag, wrapped up in smaller drawstring bags – they were always getting in the way.

My work bag was no longer just for looks, it needed to serve a purpose and be multi-functional. Why was it taking three bags to get the job done? There had to be a better solution than hauling a whole army of bags to and from work each day. So I decided to solve the problem for myself. I designed my ideal work and travel bag; one with interchangeable compartments, including a removable shoe compartment that could be used in several other bags.

I design bags for women who are always on the go but still love and appreciate style and quality. TAH bags are designed to be used every day, to inhere to your lifestyle, and to maintain relevance throughout every season. Modern, yet timeless.

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