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The TAH Bag Experience.

The TAH Bag Experience.

Published by Style Truely on Oct 1st 2018

If you’re like me, finding the perfect on-the-go bag has been a struggle! My life can get pretty busy at times and having a bag I could rely on was such a challenge to find. The main two things I was looking for was a great everyday bag that wasn’t too big or too small, a bag where I could have enough space for my niceties without having it look as if I stuffed too much in it… and by “too much” I mean my makeup, cellphone, charger, and my wallet! It truly wasn’t easy to find functionality mixed with high fashion!

And that’s not all, I struggled to find that perfect travel carry-on bag, once again, for the same issues of it not being big enough or actually too big to fit under a seat, or so uncomfortable to carry around with me that at times I literally thought about leaving the bag behind. I was also tired of paying so much for an unreliable bag until I came across a bag company called; TAH 'tote a heel' a women’s bag company. I was so pleasantly surprised by all the options provided for the everyday woman on-the-go, who is looking for not only functionality, but also something with timeless style, YES!

I recently had the opportunity to travel with my TAH bags to New York, for Fashion Week for the September shows. I am so thankful I had my bags with me during all the events and travel I had to do. The two bags I had with me were the ‘Everyday Clutch’ and the ‘The Work Traveler.’



The Everyday Clutch is perfect, even the name intrigued me. When I was styling this clutch in New York, I literally used it with all my outfits (side note, I have not stopped using it since I returned back to LA, I think I am addicted), it has EVERYTHING and more that I was looking for in a bag. I think what makes this the ideal everyday clutch is the amount of SPACE for the size! In the words of TAH Bag owner, Angelina Marie, “It was designed for maximum versatility.” The clutch itself transforms into a slim, yes, slim tote! Wear it as a long bag and add your tablet, if needed, or fold it over and use it as a small shoulder bag, and wear it as a cross body bag, And last, but not least, you can wear it as a backpack. The options are endless; you literally have five bags in one (mind blown)! You can even choose from five beautiful colors; red, black, nude, blue, and dark brown.


I had the opportunity to team up with the fabulous founder and owner of TAH bags and I have not been disappointed. I always like to know the details that go into what I am wearing, so by finding out a bit more about TAH bags and how the idea started was fascinating. TAH is a Portland, Oregon based company; the owner Angelina Marie is a former Nordstrom’s buyer with the dream of finding timeless functionality for the modern day women. She herself was struggling to find the perfect on-the-go bag to take on her day, and that is when TAH was created.

So what makes TAH bags different from the other brands out there? Well, I would have to say it is 100% the quality! Angelina thought of absolutely EVERYTHING when personally designing these bags. When I received my two bags, I was so blown away by the thought process that went into them. From the packaging to the quality of the leather, to the zippers, pockets, and compartments; a lot of love, passion, and thought went into these bags, you can really tell!


Craftsmanship is everything! What good is it if a bag breaks or falls apart on you? TAH bags are made with full grain leather which is the highest quality leather available. With this type of leather, it is easier to work with and easier to work with in manufacturing. What I found wonderful about this material is how soft the leather is and yet extremely strong and durable (fun fact, the natural grain contains the strongest fibers in the hide). What I loved finding out was that my beautiful bags will beautifully age from wear and tear, it won’t just fall apart on me over long wear use. With this type of leather grain, it will burnish and beautify over time… developing a uniqueness to your bag that can’t be duplicated, and the more you use it the better it looks and feels. 


TAH bags use solid brass hardware and do NOT use steel hardware and do NOT plate it with brass like other companies do to ensure longevity. I don’t think we really think about these details in a bag, but they really make all the difference, even down to the zipper that is used. We all want something long-lasting especially with zipper use and with their G2 zippers, it is fantastic.


Each beautiful TAH bag is handcrafted in Leon, Mexico. Quote from TAH, “This colonial city became known as the “Shoe Capital of the World”, due to its large production of quality leather goods and shoes for national and international markets. Attention to detail and technical expertise is evident in every stitch, cut and seam. Our team of highly skilled leather craftsmen with generations of experience pride themselves in each leather bag they produce.”

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