Work and Travel Guide  

Not too big and not too small, perfect for your daily commute into work. Casual or dressed up, the signature tote is flexible to your lifestyle. 

TAH Doctors Bag in Black

The Doctor Bag; 

Ideal for heavy work loads and long weekends    

17" W x 12"H x 8.5" D

Wider- fits large legal size files

Handle Strap and Padded Shoulder Strap

Frame closure with clasp lock

Outside - flat pocket- fits a mini tablet

Inside- 11" zipper pocket, three pockets under the zipper, one 14" laptop pocket, loss shoe compartment

Accessories - large tassel, key link, cross body strap


TAH Signature Tote in Black

The Signature Tote 

The Work Traveler; The Perfect Bag between work, travel and family  

14.5" W x 16" H x 8" D

Taller- comes with detachable compartments that sit upright in height   

Double Shoulder Strap and Cross body strap

Zipper closure

Outside- two side pockets for water bottler and umbrella (lined in nylon) and one zipper pkt

Inside- 10" zipper pocket, detachable shoe and laptop compartment, one side pocket for chargers    

Accessories- large tassel, key link, cross body strap


TAH Commuter backpack in black

The Commuter Bag

The Daily Commute 


This tote quietly holds your heels while on the subway, bus or train. The shoe compartment allows easy access so you can comfortably switch shoes.


This clean design is versatile and offers compartments that will make your commute seamless.