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The TAH Story: A Journey of Passion, Creativity, and Quality

The TAH Story: A Journey of Passion, Creativity, and Quality

A Journey of Passion, Creativity, and Quality

Every brand has a story, a journey that reflects the dreams, values, and aspirations of its founder. TAH, a brand known for its beautifully designed and high-quality bags, is no exception. Founded by Angelina Pereira, TAH's story is a seamless tale of inspiration, innovation, and a deep-rooted passion for blending quality & style with functionality.


A Career at Nordstrom: The Beginning of a Dream

Before embarking on her journey to create TAH, Angelina Pereira spent over 17 years working at Nordstrom. Her time there was marked by significant achievements, including serving as a national women's buyer and store manager. Her experience in the fashion industry, coupled with her sense of style, set the stage for what was to come.

From an early age, Angelina's love for style shone brightly, nurtured by her mom's thrift shop adventures, inspired by the world of vogue. It wasn't about the depth of her pocket, but her flair for style and an appreciation for high quality in her wardrobe. When it came to handbags, Angelina didn't own many, but what she did own was well-loved. A great bag was not easy to come by when you are looking for utility, style, and quality all in one. One attribute usually outweighs the others. This is where TAH comes into the picture.

TAH was founded to merge designer elegance with everyday practicality, modern design, logo-free class, full-grain leather, solid hardware, smart organization, and a user-friendly, secure design. It was a tall order for an everyday go-to handbag.


The "Tote a Heel" Epiphany: The Birth of TAH

Angelina's daily routine held the key to the creation of TAH. As she commuted to work in her sneakers, then switched into dressier high heels upon arrival, she faced a common dilemma: what to do with her shoes during the commute. Tossing her heels into her bag became a source of frustration, leading her to the epiphany that birthed TAH. Angelina designed a simple bag with two compartments for her shoes, complete with a magnetic closure, ingeniously slipping inside her tote bag.

The tote bag itself, designed with clean lines, featured a pocket for her phone, discreet inner branding, sumptuous leather, and solid hardware. The interior was as meticulously designed as the exterior, promoting organization and convenience. This thoughtful design transformed her daily commute experience. No more fumbling around, searching for this and that. Her time was better spent savoring her walk to work and grabbing a quick coffee without spilling her entire bag's contents. The pivotal moment that solidified this concept into reality occurred while waiting in line to get coffee.

One day, Angelina found herself in a coffee line, her wallet lost within her bag, keys slipping from her grasp (luckily saved by a helpful stranger). She arrived at work looking like a bag lady, juggling multiple bags for different purposes. An observant colleague couldn't help but chuckle and asked, "Angie, don't you have one bag that can hold all of your stuff?" Angelina's reply was simple yet profound: "I have been searching for that bag, but I can't find one that I love." It was at this moment that the idea officially began to take shape.

Angelina recognized the need for thoughtfully designed, time-less, and functional bags that catered to the modern woman's lifestyle. Thus, TAH's journey as a brand began, and a full collection of beautiful, purposeful bags was created.


The Journey of Starting a Brand

Angelina's background in product development during her tenure at Nordstrom proved to be a valuable asset as she embarked on her journey to create TAH. However, the road to bringing her vision to life was not without its challenges. The manufacturers she approached initially hesitated to undertake the production of a complex bag design that prioritized quality above all else. The door was, regrettably, closed many times.

But Angelina's determination and passion couldn't be dampened by these initial setbacks. She refused to be deterred and continued her search for the right partners. Her quest led her to a small shop in Los Angeles that could create samples and produce bags in small batches. This marked the beginning of her dream, but the shop soon struggled to keep up with the increasing demand, especially after the departure of their key craftsman, who returned to Mexico. In an unexpected twist of fate, this craftsman provided Angelina with a valuable contact, leading to a shift in production to Leon, Mexico.

In Leon, Mexico, Angelina discovered herself surrounded by a team of exceptionally talented and devoted leather artisans. Their mastery and unwavering dedication to the TAH vision were palpable from the very start. Since then, they've been meticulously crafting TAH bags with a level of expertise and ardor that has become nothing short of legendary in the world of fashion. This tight-knit collaboration with these skilled artisans in Leon, Mexico, is a vivid testament to TAH's unswerving dedication to quality and the timeless art of craftsmanship.


A Multicultural Heritage and a Legacy of Style

Angelina Pereira's roots are a rich tapestry of cultures and influences. Her father, a master carpenter, was brought by his family to the United States from Mexico when he was very young. They settled in Eastern Washington, where Angelina's love for creativity and design was nurtured.

Her mother, Dahlia, was born in Hollywood, California, and embodied a mix of Asian, Hispanic, and Native American heritage. Dahlia had a great eye when it came to style and served as a stylist and native jewelry designer for many years. Tragically, she lost her battle with breast cancer at the young age of 53. Dahlia's legacy left an indelible mark on Angelina, instilling in her a deep appreciation for artistry and the beauty of life.


The TAH Essence: Quality, Functionality, and Modern Design 

When you combine quality materials with thoughtful design, you get a product that will last a lifetime. TAH is crafted to be adorned and flaunted on a daily basis, to be loved and worn for many years to come. To be full of stories and adventures throughout your daily life. 


In conclusion, the TAH story is one of inspiration and innovation. It's a journey that celebrates diversity, heritage, and the enduring legacy of style. Angelina Pereira's vision for TAH reflects her deep-rooted passion for creating bags that are more than just accessories; they're expressions of quality and modern elegance. With TAH, you're not just carrying a bag; you're carrying a piece of a remarkable journey that continues to inspire women around the world.

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